Benefits of Floating Residential Pond Fountains

Many large properties include either naturally occurring or man-made ponds. Most owners enjoy the water features, which are often home to fish and plant life. However, they can also develop algae and become stagnant. That attracts mosquitoes and makes water unusable for wildlife or summertime recreation. Fortunately, floating fountains can quickly solve these problems and turn ponds into healthy, elegant features.

Pond Fountains Keep Water Healthy

Once fountains are installed in ponds, they begin to circulate the water by spraying it high into the air. The process helps to release noxious gases that can form in water. Aeration removes algae from water surfaces and drives growths into deeper areas where they starve due to lack of sunlight. As fountains spray, they also introduce oxygen into water. Increased oxygen improves the health of fish and plant life. It destratifies, or breaks up, stratified layers of materials in ponds. Fountains are so effective at cleaning water that they minimize the need for other treatments.

Floating Aerators Are Easy to Install

Pond fountains can either float on top of the water or be submerged. Either type works the same way, but those that operate underwater can collect muck and need maintenance. They may also be complex for some homeowners to install. Since floating models simply sit on the water’s surface, they remain clean and accessible. Installing them takes minutes. Owners simply attach a simple weight, like a concrete block or brick tied to a rope, and wade into the pond to place the fountain. Once out of the water, they plug the fountain’s cable into an electrical source and water begins to spray immediately.

Fountains Add Visual Interest

The columns that fountains create while cleaning water create effects that most people enjoy. As water sprays, it catches the light and produces a calming sound. Many homeowners add two or more aerators that can create a beautiful spray pattern. Although floating aerators are not designed to create the stunning visuals of some specialty fountains, they still contribute a great deal of charm.

Pond fountains, or aerators, are used to keep water fresh, oxygenated, and free of algae. Fountains that float on the water’s surface are very popular because they are easy to install and require little maintenance. They also create beautiful effects as they spray water into the air.